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Changing My Name

Updated: May 22, 2022

I believe that we exist before we are born and will continue to exist after we leave these physical bodies. When we enter the world we carry with us the clearest memory of that existence. All the perfect love, joy, beauty, power, wisdom, and understanding that Source is. How blessed and worthy and perfect we are in the eyes of God.

It's only as we interact with others and experience all the contrast of life that we begin to forget. Even at this young age, I was starting to forget who I was. How powerful and worthy and loved I was.

I have always had a deep knowing that life is supposed to be good. I have spent the first half of my life unconsciously working to get those memories back. To feel blessed and powerful and unconditionally loved. Even through decades of toxic beliefs and dysfunctional relationships, I still experienced loving and being loved. And despite disappointments and failures there were many times of great joy and satisfaction. They were lifelines. Reminders of Who I came from.

And now in the second half of my life, I do remember. Or at least I'm starting to. And it is so lovely.

I came into this world as Lisa Marie Archilla. Since then, I've had two other last names. They were significant seasons of life, but not who I am now. The beautiful memories pull me back to my entrance into this life experience. One that I am ready to dance forward into with new eyes and new energy. So please welcome to the world, Lisa Archilla. Lisa 2.0.

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