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Virtual Organizing

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is similar to traditional organizing services but instead of decluttering one on one with a professional organizer in your home, the sessions take place via mobile device or video chat.​  Your organizer will provide a timeline and structure to the process and give you tasks to complete between sessions.  Virtual Organizing can be an effective tool provided you are comfortable with the two main differences.

1.  One of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional organizer is the motivational energy they bring.   They can keep the momentum up when things get sluggish and encourage you as you make decisions about what to keep or donate.  Even though you are still interacting one on one, being on a video chat is a different vibe than being face to face.​

2.  With virtual organizing you don’t have the physical help with sorting and lugging stuff around an organizer would provide.  If you have a lot of clutter there is going to be a good deal of lifting, relocating items, loading boxes to take to donation sites or hazardous waste locations, potentially even moving shelving and furniture around.​

Some benefits of Virtual Organizing

  • Flexibility in completing assigned tasks in off hours

  • Time and Cost savings since VO sessions are typically one hour compared to the usual 2-3 hour in-home sessions

  • The chance to work with a professional organizer that doesn't live near you

Is Virtual Organizing Right for Me?

Here are some indicators you might be a good candidate for Virtual Organizing

  • You are ok with tech - have access to a camera or smartphone for still shots and feel comfortable with setting up and receiving web-calls like Zoom, Facetime, or Skype

  • You are physically able to lift and carry 

  • You are good at completing assigned tasks on your own

  • You are comfortable with verbal instructions

  • You enjoy organizing and DIY projects

  • You are motivated to make a change

  • Your project only involves decluttering and organizing small spaces like closets, kitchens, or home offices

  • You have time for assigned homework between sessions

  • You don’t mind shopping for organizing products

  • You need an accountability partner

  • You want the skills to recreate what you've admired in organizing videos or photos

  • You feel stuck with your organizing project and need some fresh eyes

  • You have a tight budget

  • You live outside service areas

If you are not sure about virtual organizing please contact me and let's discuss your project.  I'll answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process in greater detail.

Contact me to set up a free consultation!

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