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The way a space functions and feels is important.  Things and rooms you interact with daily matter the most no matter how small they may seem.  Organizing creates a place for everything in a way that is intuitive to the user and easily accessible.  I will show you how to think like an organizer so that you are set up for success moving forward with an easy to maintain space.  I can help you bring order to any space from a junk drawer to a master closet.  I work both In-Home and Virtually!

Lisa is an Angel!  We first started working with her when I had a small baby and a preschooler - Lisa's calm and positive attitude eliminated my stress and both boys loved her!  Lisa bravely tackled our garage in the summer heat; created an office and quiet reading room by organizing our piles of papers, documents and books; updated the boys' closet to help accommodate their growing needs, and finally helped decorate our home to represent our family.  We are so grateful for the gifts of joy, organization, functionality, and calmness Lisa brought to our home.


Sarah F.

I brought Lisa in to do a whole house organizing project and it was life-changing.  She took me from the frustration of not being able to find things in a sea of clutter (and continually re-purchasing items I had but could not find) to living the life you imagine people have in magazine articles.  Keeping up with the plan is easy now that everything has a place.  Lisa took the time to understand me and what would work best in my life - even if it didn't fit the conventional organizing approach.  It was a big investment but totally worth it for the impact if had on my life and stress level.  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.


Kathy V.


Sometimes life takes some unexpected turns and you find yourself unable to get a handle on all the stuff that has accumulated around you.  The clutter feels heavy and it's hard to know where to start.  I will walk you through all phases of the decluttering process at your pace and in a manner that feels safe and nonjudgemental.  I love helping people experience the amazing freedom and joy of a transformed space.

Lisa was responsive, is helping me tremendously, has great ideas, and hauls away the stuff she helps me purge!


Julie C.

Lisa was the perfect person to work with.  Lots of energy and suggestions.  Non-judgemental, only helpful.  She's the best!  I want her to do my whole house!


Beverly P.


Make your move easier by organizing ahead of time.  If you are downsizing I will help you decide what to take and facilitate what to do with the rest.  I will work with you to create an organizational layout for furniture and personal items in your new home.  And, I will be there to get you unpacked and settled in with everything organized and in place so your first night can be a peaceful one.

Moreover, she was understanding and gentle with helping us make the best decisions possible about what to keep and what to let go of.  Much of it had been dear to us, and we were sometimes reluctant, but her help was always understanding the special considerations and still keeping our eyes on the downsizing.  She stuck with us and on move day even set up our bedrooms, make the beds in the new quarters with clean sheets, and found the best drawers, closet space, shelves, etc. etc. so that our new quarters look remarkably like they did in our previous larger home, but without the mess we had expected to be living with for a few months.  Lisa worked so closely with us that we felt almost as though we had a new and profoundly helpful family member, and certainly a new and dear friend....  See full quote

Lisa responded almost immediately when we asked Home Advisor for help with downsizing from a 2400 sq ft 4BR home of 45 years, packing up and moving to a 1300 sq ft 2 BR Senior Cottage.  We're both VERY SENIOR, at ages 78 and 85, and needed a lot of help and encouragement.  Lisa was both wise and gentle in helping us sort out and let go of a great deal of (former) treasures, including even helping us dismantle and relocate not only the amount of furniture, clothing, and family photos, but memorabilia, kitchen items, china, books, TV/electronics, and even helping us place and physically re-installing the floating shelves, memorabilia, and all the things that make a house a home....


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Custom Design

Sometimes transforming a space means changing the structure.  As a closet designer for The Container Store for seven years I love creating well thought-out designs that can transform an unusable space into something fabulous.  If you are planning to build a new home you will appreciate my Custom Closet Concierge Service. I will work with your contractor to design your perfect space - master closet, pantry, garage - you name it!

Lisa did a great job!  She designed the layout, installed the shelving/hooks, decluttered the garage, all in a timely, efficient manner.  She is trustworthy and her services are reasonably priced.  Highly recommend.


Judy A.

Lisa was very meticulous during the design phase and during installation.  Great progress, communication and excellent follow up after work completed.  I highly recommend Bee and Peacock for any size project!  Overall great job!


Jay F.


The organizing process begins with a free one-hour consultation

  • I will listen to your goals for the project - what you want to improve about the space.

  • We will discuss your budget and different price options.

  • I will take notes, pictures (with your permission), and possibly measurements in order to create an Organizing Proposal.

  • Please do not tidy up for the consultation!  It helps me to see the space as it usually is.

Within 5 days I will present an Organizing Proposal

  • The Organizing Proposal is an estimate of the projected timeline and cost of labor and materials.

  • Once organizing begins it is important to understand that the plan may evolve to accommodate unforeseen issues.  Changes may be necessary which affect the budget.  We will discuss any change to the plan before we move forward.


Organizing Work Begins!

  • For most projects, we will work together, at least in the beginning, so scheduling is important.

  • I will guide you through my method of sorting and making decisions about what to keep.

  • We will come up with a plan for what is leaving the house - I offer free drop service for donations and hazardous waste.

  • Once we know what you're keeping I will finalize the design and organizational layout.

  • If different structure is needed we will discuss options such as closet systems, free-standing shelving, and drawer units.

  • I am available to shop for and purchase needed organizational products such as bins and containers to be reimbursed via invoice. I will keep you informed on expenses as we go.

  • I will organize your space based on the agreed upon plan.



  • The Downsizing process is basically the same but with an eye toward what the new location can accommodate.

  • I will determine the contents that each room in the new residence can realistically accommodate such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, guest room or office, garage, etc., and help you make decisions to reach that goal.

  • I will measure your furniture and appliances to determine what can be accommodated in the new residence.

  • An Organizing Plan will be created before the move so you - and the movers -  know ahead of time where everything will go.

  • I highly recommend you engage movers with packing and unpacking services.

  • I am available to work with your moving company on the initial walk through of both the current and future residences to ensure good communication.

  • On the day of the move, I will be on-site to facilitate the placement of contents and begin organizing the new location.

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