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Custom Closet Concierge Service

Building a New Home
or Remodeling?

Custom Closet Concierge Service is a turnkey home organizing and design service that helps custom home buyers assess their needs, design, and organize their primary closet before they begin the build process in order to save money and provide the highest quality customer experience by assuring their new closet will accommodate all of their clothing, shoes, and accessory items on move-in day.

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Why is this important?

Many new high-end homes are built with closets that do not meet the needs of the buyers.  Since each buyer and family is different it would be impossible for a builder to know what is needed without spending extensive time with the buyers in their current home.  In addition, most buyers don't know what to consider or even ask their builder to design for them.


The result is often a generic builder-grade closet that is not laid out in a way that accommodates all the hanging clothes, shoes, and accessories that are needed.  In addition, the standard cubbies and drawers that most builders install are designed in dimensions that do not function well and become wasted space and wasted money. This usually requires the buyer to use other closets in the house for overflow or purchase additional furniture creating an unnecessary expense. 

When the new buyer moves in and realizes the master closet doesn’t function well, they are frustrated and disappointed.  If they have already spent past their budget they will be resigned to live with the space until they have the cash to purchase a custom closet from a popular vendor such as California Closets, The Container Store, or Closets by Design. 

If they are able to spend the money soon after move-in, they still have the unpleasant experience of a remodel.  They will have to take time off from work to spend multiple sessions with the closet vendor for the design work.  There will be the decision-making fatigue they just left with the home build process.  There will be a week of having their clothes displaced in other parts of the house during the construction.  There will be multiple vendors to schedule and deal with for the demo, wall patching, painting, possible flooring patches or replacement, and installation of the new closet system.  Then there is the disposal of all the materials that were removed.

If these closet needs could be addressed ahead of time in a new build it would save so much money, time, labor, and wasted materials.  And, it would be a great customer experience!

The Solution

The Custom Closet Concierge Service is a comprehensive service designed to ensure the closet you're moving into meets your needs and matches the quality of your lovely new home.  I will work with you as a new home buyer to declutter and edit your current closet in order to determine what the new space needs to accommodate.


In collaboration with your builder, I will design the best space possible taking into account your aesthetics, accessibility needs, and budget. You can opt to use your builder's cabinetry or have them finish out blank walls to accommodate a third-party custom closet. 

Then on move-in day, I and my assistants will be there to set up your beautiful new closet according to plan.

The Custom Closet Concierge Service will save you money on costly revisions and time spent in multiple design sessions.

Here are Some Benefits
  • Reduces stress knowing that everything will have a place in the new closet.

  • Saves the cost of having to replace the closet.

  • Saves the hassle of a remodel including emptying the closet and living with demo and installation construction.

  • Saves the inconvenience of the time a remodel takes including time away from work, time in design meetings, and scheduling workers.

  • Creates confidence that an experienced organizer has designed your closet.

  • Gives the consistency of a high-dollar aesthetic throughout the home.

  • Provides options in materials, cost, and vendors.

  • Increases the home value.

  • Saves disappointment when clothes, shoes, and accessories don’t fit into the new closet.

  • Saves irritation when you have to locate clothing or accessories in other parts of the house.

  • Saves frustration when you can’t find things because the closet is disorganized.

  • Gives spouses equal input into their clothing space.

  • Saves time on decision-making at move-in because everything has been planned out ahead of time.

  • Saves moving costs because you have already pared down and have less to move.

Why Use Bee and Peacock Organizing?

Prior to starting Bee and Peacock Organizing in 2017 I was a closet designer at The Container Store for seven years.  I love design work and believe it is vital to good organization.


I have worked with various closet solutions from The Container Store and California Closets as well as millwork.  Since starting my business designing spaces such as closets, pantries, and garages is a regular part of my project work. I understand the importance of matching the layout, aesthetic, and budget for each client.  I am detail-oriented and adept at project management.


One of my greatest strengths is being a good listener.  My clients know I understand their needs and desires and am committed to providing the best outcome.

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