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Lisa Archilla

Professional Organizer

I love bringing order and beauty to a space.  The way we interface with our environment dramatically impacts our every day life.  When things around us are organized, accessible, and beautifully presented there is an intrinsic calm that touches us at a deep level and carries into our day.

My Mission

  • Impactful - Providing my clients with organizing solutions that change their daily lives for the better.

  • Empowering - Teaching people how to stay organized for the long term.

  • Inspiring - Encouraging individuals to believe they really can have the peaceful, beautiful, inviting home they dream about - and more!

It is a great joy for me to help people transform their spaces.  The result is truly life-changing. 


As a space designer at The Container Store for seven years I realized what a joy it was for me to see people's spaces - and lives - changed by organizing and good design.  Even the simplest things often made a profound difference.  I found myself looking forward to challenging projects that people would come into the store with, and wishing I could work with them more in depth.  I enjoyed bringing clarity to the projects and feeling the satisfaction of achieving a meaningful solution.  In 2017 I decided to expand my organizing opportunities in a way that focused on my personal brand and strengths.  I have LOVED having my own organizing business!  Every day I appreciate the fact that I get to earn a living doing something that brings me joy.

I come from a music background having a Bachelor of Music Education from Hardin Simmons University.  For twenty years I taught both violin and voice and have held several Orchestra Management positions.  The arts are a major part of my life, and have been a great asset in my transition to professional organizing.

When I'm not organizing you can usually find me outside in my garden.  Being outside is medicine to me.  Other great joys are qi gong, tai chi, antiquing, and historic homes and architecture. I share a nest with my amazing daughter and three fabulous kitties.

About the Name

In animal lore the bee represents organization and industry while the peacock evokes traits of vision (the eye in the feather), beauty, and even rebirth.  I believe the Universe conspires to provide us with powerful images and types to help us clarify our experiences and delight us on the journey.  


My goal is to transform each person's unique space into something that not only functions on a practical level, but evokes a sense of wellbeing.

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