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"Struggling to Declutter Your Closet? Try This Powerful Editing Tip for Easier Decision-Making"

Next to paperwork, clothes tend to be most people's biggest clutter issue.

Often there are too many clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories to fit into the space they have to work with. A good organizer can maximize the space in surprising ways but in the end, there is only so much geography.

crowded cluttered closet

So why is reducing the amount of what we wear so difficult?

I believe the reason lies in our past experiences and our thoughts about the future.

We often have regrets or guilt about the past.

  • I used to be size ______ (and I want to be there again).

  • I paid a lot of money for that ______.

  • My dear friend/my mom/my significant other gave me that ______.

And we often project our worries into the future.

  • I might lose my job and won't be able to buy any new clothes.

  • My job might change and I'll need nicer/more casual clothes.

  • I might gain my weight back.

  • Theses pants will come back in style if I wait long enough.

If you can stay in the now you have more power and ease in your decision making.

What you wear every day or every week. What fits your current body well. What style looks great on you. What you need for your current job. Those are the things to make space for.

It's certainly ok to keep a couple of items because they make you happy when you remember their story, or as an incentive to loose weight.

But don't get trapped by regrets from the past that you can't change or worries about the future that you can't control.

Your power to move forward and create the home you want is only in the current moment.

shoes organized on shelves in closet

Next time you try to make some space in your closet notice how it feels when you look at that pair of shoes that haven't been on your feet in a long time. Do you feel regret, remorse, guilt, obligation? Fear you'll never find another pair like them again? Or, that you won't be able to afford them?

That's a good indication you're in the past or the future. If you're looking at those shoes from the now perspective you will most likely feel ease, clarity, and satisfaction no matter what your decision is.

Your emotions are the greatest indicator of what's going on in your head.

They're a great tool to help you understand what you're thinking. So tune in to how you feel and see which direction you're headed - fear or security, guilt or forgiveness, regret or peace, longing or satisfaction.

When you're struggling to declutter your closet the tip is to practice decision-making by bringing yourself into the current experience of your life. If a negative feeling comes up check out the thought or belief. Is it true for you today? Is it keeping you from moving forward? With practice you will be able to let the thought - and the dress go.

Saying goodbye to things doesn't have to be something to beat yourself up about. You may even find that editing becomes something you look forward to.

happy woman in closet

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